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[ Functionality ]

Unique, Affordable

By being an AFFORDABLE and ACTIVE Baby Breathing Monitoring app, My Angel Eyes differentiates itself from other breathing monitoring equipments on the market.

When My Angel Eyes does not detect any movement for a time, it applies a gentle sound stimulus. In the absence of reaction, an alarm is raised with the carer.

Do not spend a fortune before testing our solution.


Every user is different and My Angel Eyes enables you to customise detection and reactions according to your own needs

Apple and Android store

Now released on Google Play and Apple store in its Lite version. Just look for My Angel Eyes in the store or click the links above.

User friendly

Portable: the app can keep an eye on baby even during sleeps at friends or family

No messing around with strangling wires or clipping parts

Simple to use app harnessing the power of your smartphone and its camera

[ A quick presentation ]

[ Features ]

My Angel Eyes Tutorial

View this short video tutorial.

Quick start


• Position device securely over baby’s sleeping area using a sturdy mount

• Ensure external power is connected to the mobile/tablet

• My Angel Eyes requires some light – it needs only be dim like a night light

• Eliminate moving objects and shadows that might be detected by My Angel Eyes (fans, curtains, crib toys, blinking lights)

Using My Angel Eyes…

• My Angel Eyes default settings can be changed in the Settings menu

• Ensure a phone number for alerts is entered if using the Deluxe version

• Press Start to commence live video capture

• For infants: Adjust to view the whole baby

• For toddler: Adjust to view the whole sleeping area should baby move within the cot

• Make sure there is enough light for movement to be detected and adjust sensitivity accordingly

• Ensure baby is not covered

• Watch My Angel Eyes in action once or twice and make sure you’re happy with the Settings

Always ensure:

• Good room temperature

• Baby uncovered

• Baby lying on back

• Device securely mounted

• Adequate light


I am worried exposing my child to radiations

We recommend using our lite version in airplane mode: no wifi, data or network is used and the app will work fully autonomously raising alerts and alarms locally by sounding via its speaker. This is the preferred option should you stay near the sleeping baby.

Our DeLuxe version allows you to connect to the network for the app to send SMS and ring a number from your Android phone

Do I need a SIM card, does the app use data?

As discussed above, our Lite version is used in airplane mode and consumes no data: The Lite app will work with no network or data.We recommend you use a second, maybe older phone or a tablet.

Our DeLuxe version requires network but not data access

Alert or alarm time?

Alert time defines the duration without movement detection before My Angel Eyes starts playing the stimulus sound. Alarm time defines the duration without movement detection before My Angel Eyes starts sounding alarm from the device ; Alarm time should be higher than alert time plus 60 seconds to allow some crescendo of the stimulus sound. After an extra 30s without movement but with alarm sounding, My Angel Eyes DeLuxe calls the emergency number if set and plays the alarm message.

Why is my alarm time increased?

To ensure enough time is left for My Angel Eyes to actually stir baby before raising an alarm, the alarm time is forced be higher than alert time by some margin. This means My Angel Eyes may sometimes override your settings

What are the best values for Alert and Alarm time?

There are no best values, no one fits all solution; Detection will be influenced by the location of your devise above the bed/cot, the sensitivity setting in My Angel Eyes as well as the camera characteristics of your phone/tablet, and the amount of light available.

My Angel Eyes will be able to capture more or less movements based on these factors. As a result you need to find a compromise between false alerts and alarms; ensuring alarm will be raised if a real issue occurs. You also obviously need to ensure alarms are raised early enough to allow enough time for successfull action in an emergency. We recommend a trial and error initial phase to fine tune your settings performed when Baby is having a nap.

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